History Edit

Following a period of subjugation at the hands of Netheril, Sembia is already on its way to becoming the economic power it was it its prior years. Although relations are cool between the Dales and Cormyr following the recent war, Sembian merchants are quick to dismiss previous conflicts as the work of the Netherese and remind their former trading partners of the long and mutually profitable relationships they previously enjoyed.

To prove good intentions, Sembia has "allowed" Faetherdale and Tasseldale to regain their independance, event though Sembian investors had owned much of Featherdale for nearly seventy years when the war came to an end.

Before Netheril claimed Sembia as a vessel state, mercenary work and adventuring were popular livelihoods among Sembians who didn't have local families to feed. Those endeavours are even more popular now among veterans of war, who were better trained than their predesserors were. A few of Sembia's less scrupulous former soldiers have taken to banditry, which offers other Sembians more opportunities for guard work.

Recently Edit

Following their most recent war with Thesk, relations between Thesk and Sembia have been rocky at best.