Emperor Thanatos Estrada, ruler of Thesk, is the ruling leader and leading criminal of the Empire of Thesk. Sent away from the Estrada home of great honor, this rejected Tiefling searched for glory and prosperity, and along with his teammates, was able to vanquish an insane Angel, steal a sword of chaos, and procure a country. Although not much is known about his personal life, he can sometimes be seen flying in the night sky of These, surely viewing all that is his. His angelic wings, large drug company and mix of the arcane and blades have helped him become the formidable opponent he is, and along with the council of the Nine, has turned Thesk into a place like no other.

House Estrada and their lineage Edit

The Estrada house is a formidable and powerful entity in the far away lands. The families reputation goes back centuries, and through corruption, politics and deception, they have achieved dominance in nearly all forms of life, from Agriculture to entertainment, and even Politics. House Estrada are also very proud of their pure blood, having a family tree of respected humans from various ages.

Demonic Corruption Edit

Thanatos, first of his name and next in rightful line to the Estrada estate, was born with what was described as a 'demonic defect'. To gain their power and influence, The Estradas made various deals with suspicious parties, including those of other realms. At some point in the family history, The Estradas made A deal with a powerful demon in return for an elevation of power. The 'demonic defect' of Thanatos is a reminder of this deal, a message of the ancient deal.

Because of this, Thanatos was seen as a blight on the family name. It was agreed by family elders that a tiefling could not rule the family, and it was decided that he would not be discarded from the family (to avoid scandal) The decision was reached for Thanatos to venture forth into the world, and gain more power and control for the family.