History Edit


Thesk was once a productive country in the Forgotten realms with its trading hubs and ore-rich mountains. Then came the Angel of Chaos, wielding the Chaos blade.

The Angel's Reign Edit

The country became destitute, breaking off contacts with the outer realms,. ruled by the Angel's laws the country had fallen under crop failure and famine.

Restoration Edit

Under the leadership of Emperor Thanatos and the council of the Nine, Thesk was restored once again to its former glory and became a main trading hub.

Present day Edit

Temples Edit

  1. Cathedral  Bahamut (Phent)
    Deal with Lord Easton

Major Temples 

  1. Marthammor Duin (Ethvale)
  2. Tymora, goddess of good fortune, CG (Phent)
  3. Mystra, goddess of magic, NG (Phsant)

Medium Temples

  1. Mask, god of thieves, CN (Telflamm)
  2. Leira, goddess of illusions, CN (Phsant)
  3. Null (Tammar)
  4. Mira (Phent)
  5. Athena, goddess of wisdom and civilization, LG (Phent)

Minor Temples

  1. Sif, goddess of war, CG (Surcross)
  2. Evaldir (Surcross)
  3. Therin (Surcross)
  4. Nike, goddess of victory, LN (Surcross)
  5. Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes, CN (Nyth)
  6. Saredior (Telflamm)
  7. Kosoth (Ethvale)
  8. Hammerod (Ethvale)

Guilds in Thesk Edit

Guild of Artisans

  • Possible exchange program with the Nine.

Seamstresses Guild

  • Discount cards for the Nine

Alchemists Guild

  • Members of the Nine get 10% discount
  • They will also pay for any damages they cause.

Gamblers Guild

  • Charge tax on citizens gambling incomes

Thieves Guild

  • The Nine get Free membership to the ‘Do not rob’ club.

Thesk's Forces Edit

Thesk's forces

Commander-in-Chief: Countess Xero

Head Paladin – Nathaniel Avilla (Human/M)

Head Cleric – Misty Abrams (Human/F/Cleric of Therin)

Head Soldier – Ivan Rubio (Human/M)


Footsoldiers: Emmett Darksky (Half-Elf/M)

·         Cavalry; Benjamin Winter (Human/M)

·         Archers: Quarlav Jaydefire (Drow/F)

·         Signallers; Dora Deadwood (Human/F)

·         Logistics: Shali Winter (Tiefling/F)

·         Artillery: Vivienne Longstrider (Human/F)

Town Commanders:

·         Phent: Aruharshor (Elf/M)

·         Phsant: Vaerimajakux (Dragonborn/M)

·         Ethvale: Dareydd (Dwarf/F)

·         Tammar: Okkubar (Half-orc/M)

·         Telflamm: Nephmenos (Tiefling/M)

·         Nyth: Alan Steward (Human/M)

·         Surcross: Namkulululne Tallstrider Ioemonuth (Goliath/F)

Forts and Commanders:


1.       Fort outside Nyth – Galia Fingolfin (Half-Elf/F)

2.       Fort outside Tammar – Jude Black (Human/M)

3.       Fort outside Ethvale – Killond (Dwarf/M)

4.       Fort near Nethentir – Aidan Baldrid (Human/M)

5.       Fort near Surcross – Ixenaryte (Dragonborn/F)

6.       Gate Fort near Tammar – Scarlett Stayhnal (Human/F)

7.       Gate Fort near Surcross – Oscar Gamelyn (Human/M)