Background Edit


Not much is known of this infamous adventurer before her time with the party that would become known as The Nine. What little we know is in connection with her party companion - Thanatos. She was a spy in the criminal underground for his family and when he left to adventure, she joined him - if only to keep him safe on behalf of his family. Since joining this party, she has become the defacto Leader - much to her chagrin.

The Start of our Adventures Edit

She is joined by the original group of travelers: Roosevelt Piper, Thanatos, Dawn Moonbroke, Jeff Highbridge on a journey through a country ravaged by hordes of kobolds. As they approached the village of -- they saw the town being attacked by a dragon and the town itself on fire, with towns' people running away from swarms of kobolds.

Re-discovery Edit

When she returns to the party after a long absence, many of her companions had fallen in battle. All except for the bard, Roosevelt and the noble Thanatos. She would join the new party on a mountainside and join in their quest to get a legendary weapon from the top of this mountain.

Once the party gets to the top of the mountain they find that the entire top of the mountain looks like it has been sheared off. In the centre of this is a solid gold staff. Jeff Highbridge, the quest-receiver, immediately goes to pick it up.

The Tournament Edit

Feeling the need to earn some much needed gold, the party decided to take part in the champion tournament being held in the city of Helgabal in the country of Damara. By betting 100 to 1 odds that the gnome wizard would be the one to take down our last opponent, the party was owed 800,000 gold pieces. Needless to say, the country could not afford such winnings so in a meeting with the leader of the city, we were given 400,000 gp, noble titles for the party and a strip of land not far from the city in which to build our new Adventurer's guild.

Saving Thesk Edit

The party then adventured forth at the behest of the Monks who had summoned our esteemed party member, Thanatos to help them fulfil a prophesy.

War and Marriage Edit

After Sembia's initial attack on the city of Nyth, we followed them back to Sembia, stealing the country's flagship and sailing into their main port at Saerloon. The plan: to rob the bank of Sembia and return victorious to Thesk. Needless to say, the best plans laid, never go quite to plan. We were tricked by fake coins and as we sailed away from Sembia, Xero and Roosevelt were married aboard our new flagship and used the scroll of teleportation they had been saving to vanish to their honeymoon destination: The Island of Chult, home of the dinosaurs.

20 years later... Edit

Roosevelt and Xero's marriage was not to last, however they were blessed with an heir: Whisper.